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The below is a list of all blog posts on our travels in Denmark to date.
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2017 – A wonderful year of travels remembered in select panoramas Dec 30, 2017 - A photographic look back over some of the favourite places we visited in 2017  
6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost? Oct 20, 2017 - 6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost?  A look at our spending, activity and overnights stats by month and by country.  So, our 2017 Scandi trip; it wasn’t quite six months, but close – We had a total of 170 days away, from late-April until mid-October.  We left the […]
Germany – A stormy traverse Oct 12, 2017 - Germany – A stormy traverse We left our damp campsite on Als next morning, careful to ensure we safely got off the very wet pitch, to head south out of Denmark to northern Germany.  We spent the next two days struggling through Germany, cursing the volume of traffic, only later realising that the whole of northern […]
Denmark – Odense & Nordborg Oct 11, 2017 - Our final days in Denmark  – A city visit to Odense before returning to Jutland and driving to the island of Als, to spend a few rainy days near the town of  Nordborg. From Fyns Hoved we drove to the outskirts of Odense where we glamorously parked up outside the closed gates of a large […]
Denmark –  Tisvildeleje beach, Nyborg & Fyns Hoved Oct 6, 2017 - Where we visit Tisvildeleje beach, cycle the rural roads and lanes around Nyborg & a bracing walk around the interesting headland of Fyns Hoved. From our quaint farm aire by the raspberry bushes, we drove up to Tisvildeleje beach on the north-west coast of this area of Sjælland.  It was mentioned in our ‘Wild Guide […]
Denmark – Sjælland’s countryside & castles Oct 3, 2017 - Denmark – Arriving on Sjælland via the Öresund bridge and exploring the island’s rural regions, beaches and castles. We left our deserted beach-front aire in Kalgshamn, near Malmö, first for a Lidl shop on the outskirts of the city and then straight across the 18km long Öresund bridge into Denmark.  On the Danish side, the bridge […]
WorkAway – Guldbæk Vingård Jun 9, 2017 - After a week of gentle exploring and lazing on sunny beaches around the north of Jutland, we again headed back south of Aalborg, to the area near Svenstrup.  It was here we had our second WorkAway project lined up to begin, this time volunteering at Guldbæk Vingård,one of the most northern vineyards in the world. […]
Denmark – Rajberg Mile & Skagen Jun 4, 2017 - Rajberg Mile and around the very north of Jutland We had an easy drive northwards in the hazy sunshine.  We stopped briefly at a picnic place quite near to our destination at Rajberg Mile, to quickly check out Bunken Strand on the east coast.  It was a two minute walk to the beach through pretty, […]
Denmark – Løkken & Rubjerg Knude May 31, 2017 - Løkken & Rubjerg Knude We said our sad goodbyes to all at the WorkAway in Solbjerg, before driving off to explore the north of Denmark.  We headed north, first through Aalborg, before turning left to reach the west coast at Løkken.  This stretch of coast was quite built-up and spotted with holiday cabins and campsites, […]
WorkAway – Solbjerg & Øster Hurup May 28, 2017 - WorkAway – Solbjerg & Øster Hurup After visiting Aggersborg Viking fort and having our lovely walk near Skørking, we drove on to a quiet, rural location near to the east coast of Denmark.  The nearest town was Bælum, but we were to be based around 5km away, just south of Solbjerg.  With nervous anticipation, we […]
Denmark – Thy National Park & Aggersborg May 21, 2017 - Thy National Park After our 3km walk around the lake in Silkeborg we had a quick walk to a local shop to pick up a few items, then we spent the rest of night in Benny, under attack from heavy rain.  Large drips bounced on our roof all night, their awkward percussion accompanied by falling […]
Denmark – Skovsnogen, Hou & Aarhus May 15, 2017 - Skovsnogen – Open air Art Exhibition Heading reluctantly away from our relaxing beach at Blåvand we headed east and north, to visit a forest display of art exhibits we had read about. Despite seeing very few vehicles on the road on our drive, we ended up parked in a nearby lay-by, as the Skovsnogen Art installation […]
Denmark – Blåvand and the west coast May 12, 2017 - Denmark – Blåvand and the west coast We drove north from Ribe along empty roads, first through flat, cultivated farmland and then neat, managed forests.  We barely saw any traffic, passing more weekend cyclists than cars.  We arrived suddenly into the town of Blåvand and surprisingly there were people everywhere, enjoying a busy, bustling Saturday […]
Denmark – Ribe and around May 9, 2017 - Visiting the historic city of Ribe After undertaking several large shopping trips, we crossed from northern Germany into Denmark in a heavily laden and well-stocked Benny.  We drove through an unchanging landscape of flat, grey fields lined with low hedges.  No one could match the Dutch for showing off their clean, immaculate countryside, but the […]
Greenland days Jul 14, 2016 - Moving on from our city break in Copenhagen, we flew from Kastrup to Narsarsuaq in Southern Greenland, to begin our much anticipated sea kayaking trip around the fjords and glaciers of the area.  This is our much shortened story of the time spent there. Day 1 On approach to Narsarsuaq airport our plane endured a rough […]