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The below is a list of all blog posts on our travels in Portugal to date.
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Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Sep 4, 2017 - Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Here’s a look at the costs, annual and daily, associated with our chosen lifestyle choice.  (4th September 2016 – 3rd September 2017) It’s been a full year now since we took the plunge, leaving our professions, friends and family behind for life on the road. […]
Our first six months – an activity and financial synopsis Mar 25, 2017 - Our first six months – an activity and financial synopsis Following on from our First six months photographic synopsis, we decided to also create an activity and financial synopsis, to record the details of our life on the road to date: As motorhoming newbies, going full-time in our very first van was quite a scary […]
Our first six months – a photographic synopsis Mar 13, 2017 - Our first six months – a photographic synopsis Over the preceding twenty-six weeks, or more accurately 184 days, we have passed through many stunning places, towns and landscapes around Western Europe.  We have cycled, walked and swam in beautiful and varied locations, covering more ground and staying fitter than we would have during the cold, […]
Lagos, Albufeira and Vila Real Nov 18, 2016 - Lagos Leaving our clifftop vantage in Porto Covo, we drove on, ever southward.  We arrived on the Algarve south coast after a very decent and direct drive, on an arrow-straight and very smooth road running southwards, parallel to the west coast.  We were heading for the resort town of Lagos, where we had a treat […]
Fonte da Telha and Porto Covo Nov 18, 2016 - Fonte da Telha After leaving Lisbon, we headed south in search of solace and tranquillity.  We found it at the end of a long, dusty, unpaved road.  With a rough, bumpy and difficult approach leading along the sea front, this quirky, run-down but vibrant village was once a beach resort-of-sorts.  The surroundings consisted of small […]
Lisboa and Belém Nov 18, 2016 - Lisboa (Lisbon) and Belém From our base of two nights at the clifftops above Praia da Crismina we reluctantly moved on, to see Portugal’s premier city, Lisbon.  Finding parking in large towns has previously proven difficult, so we were pleased to find an aire located adjacent to a train station, just three stops out from the […]
Sintra and Cascais Nov 6, 2016 - Sintra From our base in Odrinhas, we caught a local bus the 12km south into a bus station located a short walk from Sintra town.  We walked up the wide pedestrianised street past small cafés and shops, enjoying the bright sun on our faces.  As we approached the centre, we caught glimpses of the white […]
Portugal’s Central West Coast Nov 5, 2016 - Author’s note:  The following post refers to a collection of stops we made in the process of exploring beaches and interesting towns along the central west coastline, north of Lisbon.  From two of these stops we cycled or caught a local bus into the main tourist centres of Sintra and Cascais.  These town visits, although […]
Tomar, Fatima and Batalha Nov 3, 2016 - Tomar Leaving Idanha-a-Nova, we planned to make some distance today, so naughtily jumped on the motorway.  This stretch was all fitted with a pre-paid electronic toll rather than péage machines, and as we’d met no one in Portugal capable of explaining exactly how we pay this, and on the advice of others we’d met who […]
Idanha-a-Nova Oct 25, 2016 - Idanha-a-Nova – Day 1 After leaving Benquerença, we first headed south west to the large town of Fundão, to seek out a good cycle shop we had heard whispers of, in order to have the chain replaced on Aaron’s bike. We also hoped to find a laundrette, so initially had written this day off as […]
Benquerença Oct 25, 2016 - Benquerença – Day 1 The drive from Belmonte to Benquerença, if taken direct, was a short distance, through rural backwaters lined with olive trees and eucalyptus.  But we decided on a detour first, into the Serra da Estrela.  We thought it necessary when passing to visit mainland Portugal’s highest point – Torre, 1993m above sea […]
Guarda and Belmonte Oct 23, 2016 - The town of Viseu was a pleasant stop, but afterwards the weather continued to frustrate us a little as we’d been patiently waiting for a decent weather window to undertake a planned 40 mile cycle ride in this region.  We’re not fair-weather cyclists by nature, but without a clear day you don’t get the stunning […]
Méda and Viseu Oct 23, 2016 - Méda – Day 1 From Bragança we drove south, in dull drizzle and greyness.  With the weather as it was, we thought making a bit of an inroad south would be the best use of our time.  We skipped over several potential places to explore and drove around 85 miles, a decent day’s distance for […]
Castillo de Monterrei & Bragança Oct 20, 2016 - Castillo de Monterrei We left our very comfortable temporary home in O Mundil after suffering through three very relaxing days, with the site to ourselves, and headed south east towards the Portuguese border, first to the outskirts of the town of Viren. The fortress, Castillo de Monterrei, was beautifully sited for both strategic and aesthetic […]