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The below is a list of all blog posts on our travels in Norway to date.
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2017 – A wonderful year of travels remembered in select panoramas Dec 30, 2017 - A photographic look back over some of the favourite places we visited in 2017  
6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost? Oct 20, 2017 - 6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost?  A look at our spending, activity and overnights stats by month and by country.  So, our 2017 Scandi trip; it wasn’t quite six months, but close – We had a total of 170 days away, from late-April until mid-October.  We left the […]
Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Sep 4, 2017 - Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Here’s a look at the costs, annual and daily, associated with our chosen lifestyle choice.  (4th September 2016 – 3rd September 2017) It’s been a full year now since we took the plunge, leaving our professions, friends and family behind for life on the road. […]
Norway – Oslo Sep 2, 2017 - Two days of visiting Norway’s capital city Oslo in glorious sunshine After spending a noisy night in the midst of late-arriving refrigerated trucks that ran their generators all night, we were glad to be on our way from the aire at Andelva for the last fifty kilometre stretch into the centre of Oslo. We decided […]
Saltstraumen & the Atlantic Coast Road south Aug 29, 2017 - Leaving the Lofoten Islands and following the Atlantic Coast Road south, passing Saltstraumen, Mo I Rana and Trondheim to reach the outskirts of Oslo. We said our goodbyes to Mummy Finch and the Lofoten islands and headed along the E10 in the direction of Narvik.  We’d already had a long drive from our base on […]
Lofoten Islands (Part 2) Aug 26, 2017 - Spending a week exploring the Lofoten Islands with special guest Nicky’s mum Lofoten Islands (Part 1) DAY 5 (Saturday) – Eggum coast + beach walk This day we planned a more local explore, so we headed west a short while before turning off the E10 to follow a narrow road around the headland in the […]
Lofoten Islands (Part 1) Aug 25, 2017 - Spending a week exploring the Lofoten Islands with special guest Nicky’s mum DAY 1 (Tuesday) – Via Evenes Airport to a small cabin on the coast at Evensjker We finished up our trip around the Vesterålen islands and drove in the direction of the airport at Evenes. Nicky’s mum was flying out to meet up […]
Andøya – Stave & Andenes Aug 19, 2017 - Driving to Andøya Island where we wild camped near Stave and visited Andenes Leaving Nyksund, we drove deeper into the Vesterålen, through Sortland again and north to the island of Andøya.  We drove first to Bleik camping with the intention of staying there, but found it to be just a steep, scruffy field all really […]
Norway – Nyksund & Dronningruta Aug 17, 2017 - Leaving Ringstad, driving to Nyksund village & walking Dronningruta (The Queen’s Route) the following day. After saying our goodbyes at our WorkAway in Ringstad, we were back on the open road for the first time in ten days.  We hugged the coast clockwise, our first stop just short of the small town of Staume.  We […]
Norway – Gratangsbotn & Årstein Aug 3, 2017 - Enjoying a few restful, lazy days around Gratangsbotn & Årstein, on the banks of a calm fjord. We moved on the next morning from Senjatrollet, again following the tourist route road.  We first called into the tiny hamlet, or rather the hotel and fishermen apartments, of Hamm, and had a short walk around their pretty marina […]
Senja Island – Mefjord & Senjatrollet Aug 1, 2017 - We caught a ferry across for a short visit to Senja island, where we spent a few days exploring different sites as we followed the National Tourist Road around the island’s coastline. We rolled away from Tromsø east to catch the ferry from Brensholmen to Botnhamn, on the island of Senja.  There were only three […]
Norway – Tromsø Jul 27, 2017 - A short visit to the northern city of Tromsø, Norway Leaving AuroraSpirit, we drove back along the same awful-surfaced road to reach the main E6 where we finally met some smooth rolling tarmac and made good progress towards Tromsø.  There was a shorter way but that included an uncertain (time and cost) ferry trip, so we […]
Kilpisjärvi and #Aurora Spirit Jul 25, 2017 - A flying visit to a rainy Kilpisjärvi and our return to Norway with a visit to the world’s northernmost distillery #Aurora Spirit We left our quiet spot at Juoksengi Polcirkelhuset, to follow the road north along the river.  Lined with tall pine and birch trees, the road formed a narrow strip of grey in a […]
The Road to Hell, and Sweden Jul 5, 2017 - Leaving Trondheim, passing Hell, and arriving in Sweden at Ristafallet Camping We left the quiet beauty of Trondheim behind and headed due east out of town.  It was a beautifully sunny, dry morning, as it had been the past few days.  But we knew it wouldn’t last, as the cloud armies would regather their forces […]
Norway – Trondheim Jul 3, 2017 - Driving to and wandering around the city of Trondheim We left Kristiansund around ten, moving on eastward under yet another cloudy, grey sky. We had one ferry crossing on the way that offered a distant view of multiple inlets of the main fjord, like thin, layered stage sets painted in progressively lighter colours.  The road […]
Tourist route to GeiraingerFjord and Trollstigen Jul 1, 2017 - Driving the Tourist route to GeiraingerFjord and Trollstigen We said goodbye to our comfortable, wonderful campsite at Melkevoll Bretun, with the sun finally shining on the glacier, now framed with a blue background as we left.  It was a beautifully calm day, with the stillness creating a mirror surface on the large roadside lakes, and […]
Melkevoll Bretun in Jostedalsbreen Jun 30, 2017 - To Melkevoll Bretun campsite in the heart of Jostedalsbreen National Park Leaving the quiet, spacious and open aire at Skjolden, we continued on the same National Tourist Road Sognefjellet, following the northern coast of Lustrafjorden as we passed through Gaupne and beyond.  The day was blanketed in white with spots of rain. We reached the […]
Hiking the Besseggen Ridge Jun 28, 2017 - Taking the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and hiking back along the Besseggen Ridge We got battered and occasionally woken by heavy wind and rains throughout the night, all the while fearing our plans may be a wash-out.  But in the morning we awoke to the vision of a glorious sunburst right across our aire […]
Stegastein, Borgund & the road to Gjendesheim Jun 27, 2017 - Taking the Aurlandsvegen tourist road to Stegastein, over the mountain pass to Borgund Stave Church & on to Gjendesheim in Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark. We finally dragged ourselves away from the intoxicating comfort of not moving and left Flåm, saying our goodbyes to the new cruise ship now in the harbour.  We decided not to take the world’s […]
Norway – Flåm Jun 25, 2017 - Visiting the tourist port of Flåm and riding the Flåmsbana train After another stormy night with heavy rain, we slipped quietly out of the surprisingly empty aire in Bergenshallen around 10am and headed back around the mountains surrounding Bergen, east in the direction of Voss. We stopped for an hour in Vossevangen, Voss for short, as […]
Bergen & Fantoft Jun 23, 2017 - A very rainy city visit to Bergen Centrum & a walk to Fantoft Stave church Leaving the crashing noise of Steinsdalsfossen behind we headed west, in the direction of Bergen.  It was another grey and miserable day, with persistently heavy rain, on the West Atlantic coast of Norway.  We passed through only 19 tunnels on […]
Sand, Røldal, Odda & Steinsdalsfossen Jun 21, 2017 - Making our way north through the towns of Sand, Røldal, Odda & Steinsdalsfossen We left the raw beauty of Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and the noisy, milling crowds behind us and headed off to make more than a few miles of progress north.  Unfortunately, after a short stop in Jørpeland for supplies, we blindly followed our […]
Hiking to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) Jun 19, 2017 - Hiking to the famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) overlooking Lysefjord, Norway Keen to get to Preikestolen, we were up early, buzzing and busy, as we were parked up in Oanes, a good half hour drive away.  We had been expecting a rather miserable, grey day and were happily surprised the weather forecast had again been proven wrong.  […]
Norway – Bryne, Stavanger & Oanes Jun 17, 2017 - Leaving Sandvika Beach, we returned over the headland and overnighted in a car-park near to Egersund, in torrential rain that battered Benny until 7am the next morning.  We had one five minute window when the rain abated and we quickly popped out to look at the local coastline, but we soon returned to the dry […]
Norway – Lidneses Fyr & Sandvika Beach Jun 15, 2017 - Leaving the comfort of Marivoll behind we left the coast road and cut inland, to visit a few out of the way places listed in our new favourite book – “Wild Guide Scandinavia – swim, camp, canoe and explore Europe’s greatest wilderness”.  After driving along winding roads and through grand mountains, we arrived first at […]
Norway – Risør, Marivoll & Rønnes Jun 12, 2017 - Norway – Arrival from Denmark and our initial travels along the southern coastline Leaving our lovely vineyard WorkAway in Denmark we drove north again, heading north to Hirtshals and the ferry to Norway.  We completed a final food shop and filled up with diesel before reaching the port, checking in and rolling on to the huge […]
Seven wild swims: musings on their meaning to us Jun 5, 2017 - 1: Wild Atlantic Ocean swim, Loch Slapin inlet, Isle of Skye One Christmas Day, after placing our turkey to roast in our rented cottage’s oven, we quickly drove the short distance to the raging Atlantic coast.  We were on the western edge of the rural coastline near Torrin, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We […]