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The below is a list of all blog posts on our travels in Sweden to date.
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2017 – A wonderful year of travels remembered in select panoramas Dec 30, 2017 - A photographic look back over some of the favourite places we visited in 2017  
6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost? Oct 20, 2017 - 6 months touring Scandinavia in our motorhome – how much did it cost?  A look at our spending, activity and overnights stats by month and by country.  So, our 2017 Scandi trip; it wasn’t quite six months, but close – We had a total of 170 days away, from late-April until mid-October.  We left the […]
Denmark – Sjælland’s countryside & castles Oct 3, 2017 - Denmark – Arriving on Sjælland via the Öresund bridge and exploring the island’s rural regions, beaches and castles. We left our deserted beach-front aire in Kalgshamn, near Malmö, first for a Lidl shop on the outskirts of the city and then straight across the 18km long Öresund bridge into Denmark.  On the Danish side, the bridge […]
SE Sweden – Sandhammaren & Ystad Sep 29, 2017 - SE Sweden – Stopping to see the beach and lighthouse at Sandhammaren, walking the standing stones of Ales Stenar & visiting Ystad, Falsterbo and Kalgshamn. On our space on the damp cobbles of Skillinge marina, we awoke inside a deep white bubble, visibility reduced to metres in the grey low cloud, full with rain.  With little sign […]
SE Sweden – Knäbäckshusen & Simrishamn Sep 27, 2017 - Following the coast further around SE Sweden to Knäbäckshusen beach & the town of Simrishamn, with a stormy overnight stop in Skillinge. We were awakened early in our quiet Gyllebo lake swim-spot parking by a large group of kids undertaking what looked like an orienteering initiation, and thought it was best to move on so as not to be […]
SE Sweden – Friseboda & Kivik Sep 25, 2017 - Continuing our explorations in south-east Sweden, we visited Friseboda & Kivik, with days out to see beaches, arboretums and nearby national parks.  After our blissful week in Långasjönäs camping, we finally packed up and said goodbye to our amenable host, and to our beautiful swim lake.  We drove south, with our customary Lidl stop on […]
Sweden – Långasjönäs Camping Sep 22, 2017 - Spending a week in an off-season ASCI campsite in Långasjönäs, our days filled with swimming, cycling, walking and running, interspersed with some quality downtime. Leaving the nature reserve at Almö, we headed to Långasjönös as planned.  This happened to be the place where our batteries ran out, wound down like the non-Duracell bunny, and we […]
SE Sweden – Kalmar & Almö Sep 20, 2017 - Sweden’s South East coast – Kalmar & Almö Crossing the long bridge from Öland, we returned to revisit the town of Kalmar, the inescapable point where the island’s only bridge meets the mainland.  We parked near to the 13th century fairy-tale Kalmar Castle, proclaimed as the best preserved Renaissance castle in Sweden.  A large anchor […]
SE Sweden – Nyköping & Öland Sep 18, 2017 - Sweden’s South East coast – Nyköping & Öland Leaving Stockholm and the Vasa behind, we drove south to arrive at an aire near Nynashamn, a simple, remote gravel lay-by that held the potential for local hike walks into the surrounding nature reserve.  These were not really feasible with the now torrential, incessant, muddy-puddle producing rain […]
Stockholm’s Vasa Museum Sep 14, 2017 - A visit to Stockholm’s incredible Vasa Museum We left Rosersberg Slott early, to make our way back south into the centre of Stockholm.  It was Sunday morning and the roads were entirely empty, a huge contrast to the static traffic experienced during our slow escape on Friday.  We headed for the Osterhalm region of Stockholm, […]
Stockholm & Rosersberg Castle Sep 12, 2017 - An impulsive decision to rush off to see Stockholm in a fair-weather window, followed by some restful days around Rosersberg Castle north of the city. We woke early up on a grey but brightening morning in the very comfortable free aire in Karlskoga. It would have been so easy to linger another night, enjoying the […]
Sweden’s Central Lakes Sep 9, 2017 - Spending some quality downtime playing in and around a few of central Sweden’s many lakes, enjoying the simple cathartic pleasures of a life lived outdoors. We had a leisurely start with a short over-breakfast conversation with our neighbour, a retired structural engineer who, travelling in a small van with her dog, was heading in to […]
Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Sep 4, 2017 - Our first year full-timing in a motorhome – how much did it cost? Here’s a look at the costs, annual and daily, associated with our chosen lifestyle choice.  (4th September 2016 – 3rd September 2017) It’s been a full year now since we took the plunge, leaving our professions, friends and family behind for life on the road. […]
Kilpisjärvi and #Aurora Spirit Jul 25, 2017 - A flying visit to a rainy Kilpisjärvi and our return to Norway with a visit to the world’s northernmost distillery #Aurora Spirit We left our quiet spot at Juoksengi Polcirkelhuset, to follow the road north along the river.  Lined with tall pine and birch trees, the road formed a narrow strip of grey in a […]
Swimming the Arctic Circle, Juoksengi Jul 22, 2017 - Participating in the Swim the Arctic Circle event, in the village of Juoksengi in northern Sweden. We left our Workway project in Norrsken Lodge in torrential rain, saying our fond goodbyes to our host Max as we sheltered under the overhang of the workshop garage.  We drove only 17 miles north along the river Torne to […]
WorkAway – Norrsken Lodge, Overtorneå Jul 20, 2017 - Volunteering for a WorkAway week at Norrsken Lodge in Overtorneå. We drove north on the Finland side of the river Torne, until we reached Overtorneå.  After a quick look around the town, we moved on and parked up at Norrsken Lodge, quietly admiring the scale of it all.  It was a long, thin site, with over […]
Sweden’s north Baltic Coast to Overtorneå Jul 18, 2017 - Sweden’s north Baltic Coast to Overtorneå Leaving the north entrance of Skuleskogen National Park and with it Sweden’s beautiful Höga Kusten behind, we drove north following the E4 along the coast.  The weather had changed, our blue skies replaced overnight with a solid grey mass of muddy cloud and the constant threat of rain.  We […]
Sweden’s High Coast (Höga Kusten) Part 2 Jul 17, 2017 - Following on from Sweden’s High Coast (Höga Kusten) Part 1 We awoke to the sound of birdsong echoing through the trees, mixed with the low hum of a ticking car engine. We discovered a few other walkers had finally arrived, as it was the weekend, to explore this beautiful national park.  We had a long walk […]
Sweden’s High Coast (Höga Kusten) Part 1 Jul 16, 2017 - We drove away from our tranquil perch on the banks of Lake Storsjön, first heading back into the main town of Östersund for a slightly longer explore.  We had a quick walk along the pedestrian streets lined with closed shops, and down to the waterfront to look at the marina, all perched on the same […]
Swimming Lake Storsjön, Östersund Jul 13, 2017 - A few days of swimming and splashing around in Lake Storsjön in rural Sweden, a short distance south west of Östersund.  Once we were finished with our 18km Åreskutan circular walk, we left Björnen and headed on east to the Baltic Sea coast.  On the way we stopped off in several places in search of a service […]
Åreskutan circular walk from Björnen Jul 6, 2017 - Undertaking a very boggy Mt. Åreskutan circular walk starting from Björnen, with a refreshing lake dip and a visit to an historic mining community included.  We left our comfortable campsite at Ristafallet and drove back west a little way, to the hillside town of Björnen.  The town is a cross-country ski hub in winter time, […]
The Road to Hell, and Sweden Jul 5, 2017 - Leaving Trondheim, passing Hell, and arriving in Sweden at Ristafallet Camping We left the quiet beauty of Trondheim behind and headed due east out of town.  It was a beautifully sunny, dry morning, as it had been the past few days.  But we knew it wouldn’t last, as the cloud armies would regather their forces […]