A van and a plan

Van with a Plan

Initially, as the skeleton of our escape plan slowly formed in our minds, several key decisions needed to be made- how, where and when of course, but also in what? The form of our long term home, our daily transport and our shelter was a prime consideration.

After much deliberation and quite a few vists to motorhome shows and local dealers, we settled on a Benimar Mileo 201.  It suits all our requirements internally, as we wanted a fixed transverse bed, decent kitchen storage and worktop space, with less emphasis on the sitting area, as there would only ever be the two of us.

The external storage garage fits our bikes perfectly without the need for an external rack. The standard inclusion of a solar panel with an additional leisure battery allows for the longer wild camping and off-grid exploration we crave.

All this in a van less than 6m long, suiting another mindful consideration- the minimising of costs associated with toll roads and ferries in Norway, our main focus and destination. The shorter length also suits our wish to travel smaller roads and negotiate routes perhaps not accessible to a larger vehicle. Combined with our novice driving experience on the continent this model made perfect sense for us.