The Beginning…

Walking Away

2016 is the year when we have chosen to step away from the careers we’ve both been working so long and hard to forge for ourselves, in a hope of finding a very different existence.

We are what we repeatedly do, Aristotle said.  Excellence in anything is not an act, but a habit. All things require repetition in order to perfect. And we  have decided that we don’t want to perfect the act of staring at a computer or sitting at a desk; we’re aiming for something more.

In order to become better people we need to practise being better.  And in order to become happier people we need to practise being happier.  We want to give ourselves the best and fullest opportunity to improve ourselves through the repeated search for new places, experiences and ideas that bring us happiness, through both the knowing and the finding.

What will be fundamentally different in our daily lives?  In a single word; time. Time to be ourselves, or to become something other, more interesting and more interested.  Time to explore and enjoy other cultures, cuisines and countries. Time to meet new people.  Time to be with each other and away from the already well known mundane, and to look deeper and longer at what really matters to us.

What do we hope to achieve?  To read the books we’ve not had time to read, to write and draw and make art in whatever form we choose.  To improve our photography, our language skills, our general contentment.  To expand on our cycling, swimming, climbing and kayaking skills.  To surprise ourselves, challenge ourselves, to laugh more, to relax more and to socialise with new people and enjoy as yet undiscovered natural wonders.  To become the child again and reconnect with the inner wonder we all once had.

In short, to further our experiences and knowledge of the world, and our place within it. And live as we’ve always dreamed.